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Palestinian Embroidery "Tatreez" Print Mug Blue and Melon 15 oz

Palestinian Embroidery "Tatreez" Print Mug Blue and Melon 15 oz

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This 15 oz mug is a celebration of Palestine's rich cultural heritage, a vibrant and eye-catching mug adorned with a design inspired by traditional Palestinian embroidery called Tatreez. Two Tatreez inspired panels adorn the front and back of the mug and the center features an embroidery frame with the words "Falesteen" in Arabic calligraphy. 

50% of the proceeds from the sale of this item will be donated to Muslim Aid USA for Palestine.

Not only will you be buying a durable, high-quality mug, but you'll also be supporting a small minority-owned, woman-owned business raise funds for Palestine. Every purchase from our shop empowers our community.

-15 oz (425 ml)
-Microwave Safe
-Wash on the top rack only.
Avoid extra cycle options such as heated drying cycles, sanitize, and steam cycles.
For longest-lasting results avoid scrubbing pads, heavily dyed detergents, and steel wool as this can damage the outer coating of the mug and the image.

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